I am a visual artist based in Banff on the north Aberdeenshire coast - otherwise known as the Banffshire Coast. Currently my most popular work is in lino print. I'm particularly influenced by the 20th century Scottish and English landscape artists and the illustration traditions that preceeded them. The bulk of my work is inspired by the drama of the land and weather hereabouts, enriched by the history of the people and their towns. My own family history has a branch along this coast, so my sense of place, and subsequently re-discovering the images of previous lives, has also informed my work.

Below is a short video made for the North East Open Studios 2018.



We had a visit from the BBC on 18th November to film an article for Countryfile - broadcast on 11th December 2016. I was showing Helen Skelton how to make a lino cut of Gardenstown. Not confident with her artistic skills, Helen assumed she'd do really badly, but with some help she did an excellent job.

'Sailing Day - Portsoy'

'Sailing Day – Portsoy', is an original lino print made by Bryan Angus, depicting the old Harbour, Portsoy, with some traditional vessels in the ever changing weather of the Banffshire Coast. It's made from the block printing technique that many people tried in school, cutting away the surface of the lino with gouges to define areas where ink goes. But Bryan's expert technique creates an image with detail, movement and atmosphere that has received international acclaim. As each print is hand made by Bryan in Banff, so every one is unique. There will be a limited edition of 100, on fine Japanese paper called senomo senaka - made to order with a choice of light and dark blues or black only. The price of each print is £200.