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I have been making prints since 2012 and it has been a revelation in making images for me. I have always loved simple tone and line but have been drawn to painting as somehow the pinnacle of what visual artists make. But I have found what feels like an entire world of expression in two colours.

Much of the subject matter below depicts an area of Scotland known as the Banffshire Coast. This dramatic stretch of cliffs, bays and harbour towns, faces north with open sea in a direct line to the Pole. Banff, where I live and have my home studio, is in the centre of this 20 mile stretch, with Cullen in the west and Pennan in the east. All of which lies just below the 58th northern parallel - that’s north of Moscow and Copenhagen, the same line slicing through the top of Newfoundland and on to the southern tip of Alaska. Due to the gulf stream it is warmer than many of its northern brothers, but the light is the same, with seasonal changes from six hour days in the winter to summer nights where long lingering sunsets become the sunrise.


For much of the year the tilt of the globe gives sharply angled light that slices between closely packed fisher cottages, over cliffs and burrows into waves. With weather directly from the pole the clarity of the air, and so the light, is extraordinary. When you stand on the beach facing the sea, the sun is largely behind you. We rarely see the glinting, reflected light of southern facing shores - that shining upward bounce often seen in Impressionist paintings. But with the light over your shoulder, you can see into the water, to dark emerald depths surrounded by slate blue skies. To see this landscape in paintings you need to look to the Nordic and of course the Scottish traditions, rather than the Mediterranean.


The most productive times of the year for me in the studio are autumn through to early spring. In the darkest part of the winter I’m working from sketches, photographs and memories, but in the autumn and spring the constantly changing slanting light passes over the dramatic land and heaving seas changing by the minute, giving me enough source material for a lifetime.

The prints here are for sale, and range from £50 to £450, please email if you are interested in buying. Click on the image for an enlargement and more information on it, and click on the 'show more' text at the bottom to see more images.